Sunday, November 15, 2015

To my dreamy and relaxed child

Dear Gy,

It's been a while since I wrote a letter to you, hasn't it? When was the last time? Oh, yes. I think it was the one where I spoke to you about your tomorrows

That one resonated with a lot of people and I am glad you enjoyed it too, although I suspect you didn't understand most of it. Perhaps it's because you're too young or maybe it's because you're a dreamy and relaxed child.

What's today's letter about? 
To my dreamy and relaxed child

It's partly a set of reminiscences, but mostly about celebrating that spark of life that you embody. A friend of a friend lost a child today. She was much younger than you. Reading about it brought tears to my eyes and for a whole hour afterwards, I wondered how it must feel for that mother, the father and every person who has ever met or heard about that child. If the loss of someone I didn't even know could touch me so deeply, how much more must it hurt the one who has lost her forever?

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

5 Things I miss from my Childhood

There are far more than 5 things that I miss from my childhood but it's good to start somewhere, so why not with five?

This morning, Gy and I decided to walk down to a breakfast joint not too far from home. Ordinarily, I would have taken out my trusty scooter and been there in under 2 minutes, but the morning was welcoming and lazy enough for us to stroll hand in hand down the street, work up an appetite and savour the taste of hot masala dosas right off the tava.

As we walked back home, our thoughts on the just-finished meal and our eyes taking in the sights by the side of the road, Gy stopped ever so often to point out something in excitement. First, it was a black and white mongrel who trotted ahead of us and looked so carefree. Next it was a capricious little yellow butterfly that flitted around us , teasing us with her dance of abandon. Finally, it was the most adventurous little squirrel who darted swiftly and bounded across walls in an attempt to eat up all the grains at his disposal. We stopped and gazed at him in delight as his tiny paws held up something to his eager mouth which worked like a dynamo, relishing the food.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

A dream for my child's future

An insurance company mailed me and asked if I could write about my wish for my daughter's future, how I'd secure it and what I hoped she'd become. They gave me a list to choose from: Scientist, explorer, doctor, engineer, entrepreneur, dancer, singer and many more that I cannot recall now.

As I sat there, looking at the e-mail, this verse came to me which I thought I'd share:

They asked me to choose
A future for you
A peek into what I thought
Would open the floodgates
Of opportunity.

They asked me to guess
What I thought you'd be good at
Where I felt you would excel
And what I imagined you'd become.

They urged me, they did,
To look into a crystal ball
And see the wonders that awaited
Your every step and your every fall.

And I paused.

For how could I tell them
The truth?

That I could never
Live your life for you
Dream your dreams or
Whisper your hopes?

That I would refrain
From binding you to a book
That says you must pursue the Arts
Or excel at science
Or jump headlong into the earth's mysteries?

That I would cheer you on
If you decided to drop it all
And go climbing the mountains 
in search of the fountain of joy?

That I would stand and laugh
With absolute abandon
As you swam freestyle through
A swimming pool 
Relishing the cold water on your face?

That I would stop everything
And be by your side
When you called me to share
That you've done what you've wanted all along?

How can I possibly put into words
What I cannot envision?
How can I ever tell you
To stay the course
When I don't have any way of knowing
What the path is?

How can I dream
For you, my child
When I am myself wandering
In a dreamland of my own making?

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Connected yet disconnected: A true story for us all

You can reach me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin.
 You can follow me on Bloglovin' or even via e-mail subscription.

Sounds familiar? If you're a blogger, you have some version of the above statements listed somewhere on your website. If you're a reader, you've seen it on pretty much every personal or business blog that you've ever visited.

Why shouldn't you? We do live, after all, in a tech-enabled world. We are all connected. All the time. It's very rarely that you find you cannot reach someone at the push of a button or the click of a mouse.

And yet, it was three days before I discovered that my next-door neighbour had suffered a stroke. 

It was thirteen days before I heard that a close friend who had been texting on Whatsapp till 7 pm one evening had collapsed due to a fatal attack at 3 am the next morning.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Honesty begins at home #1000Speak

I'm an honest person.

That sounds like such a trite and seemingly weird thing to say about oneself, right? I mean, would you ever actually say that if you were asked to describe yourself at a job interview? 

No, you'd probably start off with your strengths in your field or the fact that you excelled at something, because that is what the interviewer wants to hear. He doesn't want to hear or probably won't believe you if you made a statement as simple as, 'I believe in being honest. It's something that I think everyone should bring to the table.'

But, the fact is honesty, simplicity, sensitivity and kindness are undervalued in the world today. It's probably more important or cooler to seem cynical and look down our noses upon everything out there, since that gets more notice. 

Small wonder then that we need networks like Good News network or The Better India to remind us of the goodness that abounds in life. The media does a bang-up job of presenting the worst of the worst, all in the name of ratings and views. 

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