Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Music in parenting

What perks you up when you're down, gloomy, in pain and just feeling lonely? For me, it has always been music.

I was blessed to be born into a family that loved all kinds of music- the traditional Indian classical, the joy of country and folk tunes, the upbeat pop rhythms, the lilting devotion of bhajans and the all-out beauty of Indian film music.

My mother is a trained classical singer and although she never performed professionally on stage, hers is the voice that lingers in my mind when I close my eyes and think of melody in music. My dad can appreciate the finest music and has a ear that can pick out a false note from a mile away- a trait that I seem to have inherited from him and which has actually seeped into other parts of my personality as well ;)

Today, when I teach music to my students, I see a blend of my parents when I appreciate music. The mother in me encourages, appreciates and lovingly points out mistakes. The father listens with a critical ear and is even stern at times, when the notes slip.

And yet, my students come back to say that they enjoy my classes- a fact that proves that love and discipline in equal measure, is required for a sustained relationship.

Honestly, the same is true of parenting. One without the other makes no sense. 

Deep down, I hope that, one day, Gy will understand why I am hard on her at times. As cliched as it may sound, it's for her own good.

Today, I am also guest posting on Kripali Kulkarni's A to Z fiction blog here.

It's a short fiction piece titled 'Murder Most Foul!'

Do pop over and read that as well and leave your comments :)
For those of you stopping over from yesterday's post, there is one clarification: 
I did take sugar in my tea. My only allowance :)

The reason I can eat sweets today is because it is a celebration of the day I arrived on earth. It just so happened that when I checked, the 90-day mark coincided with this day. 
So, time to indulge, people. Just for today :)

Word count: 264

Written for the A to Z 2014 Challenge

M is for music 

My theme for the month is : Introspection in shades of 11

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  1. my mom loves music too :) but she had d stage fright n cudnt fulfil her dream. so she made me learn classical music wen i was 6! i am surprised to hear u r a music teacher too!! multi talented u r!! n a very happy bday :)

    a-z participant

    1. Thank you Swathi. Glad to hear that you have learnt music as well :) Thanks for the wishes and the mention on your blog :)

  2. Beautiful post! Music really works wonders for all of us, no matter what kind of mood we are in.Its quite touching to see that you actually associate the art of teaching music with parenting :)

  3. You haven't mentioned that you too are a trained in music like your mom to be able to teach music..Yes,love and discipline is a potent combo in any aspect of life to derive the best not only in home nut at work places too.
    Many happy returns of the day.may this day satiate your sweet tooth.

  4. Music really helps calms you down...Also wish you happy b'day ....

  5. Happy Birthday to you ...*sings*
    Music does cheer me up; although I wish I had learnt some instrument as a child. It is never too late I guess..

  6. Happy birthday to you, Shailaja!

  7. * Iniya Piranthanaal Nalvazhthukkal*
    *Happy Birthday to you*
    Good that it coincides with Vishu :D So Happy Vishu, too :)

    As for the post, yes, Music is the soul of life :) I don't sing, but can appreciate good music with love :)

  8. Music always does soothe one's soul! And wow! Amazing to know you're a music teacher! Musical gifting has always been my envy...Never had a gift for music myself...

  9. Happy birthday, Shailja! May your life be always full of music and sweetness...
    A very good post today...love and discipline, music and parenting, all mixed up perfectly.

    Beauty Interprets, Expresses, Manifests the Eternal

  10. Happy B'day first of all ...And yes music soothes the soul and I'm sure she will understand :)

    M for Motherly-Random Thoughts Naba

  11. Happy B'day ..wish your words keep flowing through the nib of your pen and we get to read them everyday :) Lovely post ....

  12. Happy Birthday!
    Disciplining is an integral part of parenting. Gy will understand when she grows up.

  13. Happy Birthday! Music has always had the ability to move me. Love it and can't imagine life without it. ♥

  14. I love music and all in extremes from Hindustani to Hard Rock. I did my time with Tabla in my childhood. Now I just make use of buckets :D


  15. Enjoy your sweets today, you deserve them. Happy Birthday! You're so right, I love music and so do my kids. We all love different kinds too. I didn't even think about it, but, yes, my parents loved music too.

    AJ's wHooligan in the A-Z Challenge

  16. Birthday wishes to you once again, Shailaja! Hope you had a great time. Like they say, music is to the soul what words are to the mind!! Happy teaching music and enjoy it too :)

  17. Happy birthday and I can so well correlate, my mother is also a classical singer but didn't do any stage performances and as of me, I learnt singing and I do sing but err.. let's leave that topic :P :D

    Participant|AtoZ Challenge 2014
    Smile, it makes (y)our day!

  18. Music is so fulfilling at times and certainly something that perks me up! Was forced to learn Carnatic music and wasn't a fan but I do love my upbeat rock. 😀

  19. Is there anything you don't do, Super woman?
    On a more serious note, I think the best gift a parent can give a child is to encourage them to take up music in some form or the other or sport. I'm sure Gy knows that deep down. There are many things that my mum made me do or learn that I now appreciate, decades later.

  20. Wish you here again a very happy birthday :) Yes music is life for many of us. Especially its oxygen for creative people... My sister also sings quite nicely (she has learned classical music for sometime) and my father also has a great voice. I listen to them as I can't sing that beautifully...

  21. Super post. Happy Birthday. I hope you had an awesome day. Love the picture. I love music though playing a musical instrument doesn't seem to be in my destiny. I would love to learn the flute.

  22. Love and disciplin - that's the sanest parenting combination ever Shailaja. I'm sure you make for a great teacher. I love that picture.

  23. Life without music would be so dull, wouldn't it? I can't imagine it. How interesting to hear you teach music to kids. Good for you! Must be very rewarding. I play flute and sing in a choir and love doing both things so much. Music like writing is a form of creative expression that I love.

    I don't know a lot about Indian music but I do like listening to it as it's so unusual with the different instruments and sounds. Ravi Shankar helped make Indian music more well known in North America. I love all the singing and dancing in Bollywood films. You do have a rich musical culture, for sure.

    My friend who plays harp with me in a group just ordered a shruti, I think that's the name of it, It gives instruments an exotic drone sound. I hear it's from India. I will be curious to see how it works.

  24. Music is such a joy, isn't it? I used to play the guitar and piano. Haven't done so in ages now. Your post kind of makes me want to pick it up again :)

  25. Lovely post!! I come from a musical family too and our parents share quite similar traits I must say!! I know Gy will grow up to love and appreciate the Music, soft and strict, in your parenting!

  26. I would so like to listen to you :) I don't have that much music sense but I do appreciate soulful music.

  27. Musical parenting! Music soothes a savage heart. Wish u a musical. Journey throughout!

  28. Lovely parallel you have drawn! I absolutely agree :)


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